Functional Integration 

Private - (FI) Lessons

What is a Functional Integration Lesson?

Feldenkrais is most interested in the fact that the brain has a set of movement patterns and habits recorded over your lifetime. Often this means that over your lifetime, you habitually use one particular joint or muscle more than others, causing it to wear out more quickly and become painful. Feldenkrais uses neuroplasticity to change those recordings and replace the less helpful ones with easier movement, spreading movement evenly throughout your body.  

In your first Functional Integration lesson, I observe your movement patterns to understand where you are moving well and where you might be able to move more efficiently. Then, using gentle touch and some spoken guidance, I help you start to retrain your movement so it's easier, more fluid and pain free.

I personally feel like my joints have been greased when I get a Functional Integration (FI) lesson. My unecessary tension drops and my muscles - shortened and tightened by daily movement - understand how to lengthen.

There are many reasons you may want to get an FI:

Stiff/ Sore joints

Easier daily tasks

Better balance
Trouble sleeping

Awareness for activity 

(Eg Dance,Handstands, gardening, cooking, acro)

RSI relief and prevention

Stress relief

Mental health support

(Gentle movement to soothe nerves and calm the mind) 

Recovery from injury

Come dressed in your most comfortable clothes. No tight clothes or bras. Be ready to feel more comfortable and supported then you've ever felt before! 

Fees and Booking

Initial Consultations up to 1 hour 30 mins

$160.00/$130 Concession

Ongoing lessons 1 hour

$110.00/$90.00 Concession

Ongoing short lessons 30 mins



Concession rate applies to children, full time students, pensioners and unemployed.


Cancellation fees apply less than 24 hours before the appointment. 

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Due to covid19 bookings are temporarily unavailable. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I will restart as soon as possible. I hope you find a suitable Feldenkrais practitioner in the meantime.