Feldenkrais is a gentle movement practice that teaches you to release bodily tension, stress, reduce pain and move healthily, powerfully, easily and pleasurably.

So if you've been wanting to get down on your knees and garden, pick up your kids, tie your shoelaces, go for a run or perform any other physical task without pain - Feldenkrais will give you the tools you need to feel fresh in your body again. 


Functional Integration

Functional Integration (FI) is a one-on-one lesson where a Feldenkrais practitioner helps bring awareness to your habits by manipulating your body in a way that evokes changes in your brain. FIs modify muscular tonicity and spasticity so your movement becomes more coordinated, efficient and comfortable. Do you have aches and pains or feeling stressed? This could be just what you need.     

Awareness Through Movement

This is a guided gentle movement lesson in a class setting. Through a combination of meditative focus and gentle movement, Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes help you gain deep understanding of your physical habits and how you can change them to move fluidly and painlessly

About Yonna Simon


Yonna Simon fell in love with Feldenkrais after years of being told not to do physical activities because of her scoliosis.She was introduced to it by her first circus trainer, who taught her that instead of not doing the things you love, you just need to learn to do them in a way that isn't harmful. In 2014, after working as a circus trainer and performing in her spare time, she decided to follow her curiousity about Feldenkrais further and become a practitioner. After four years of training to become certified, her movement and understanding of the human form have modified and improved immensely, and she is passionate about sharing this with her clients.   


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Unfortunately due to covid19, Yonna is taking a short break from bookings. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I look forward to opening booking and classes again soon.